3rd and Inches Podcast, Ep. #008: Church of Will Smith


This week the boys discuss Tom Hardy competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Antonio Brown going fully nude in Dubai, the athleticism of the Trump family line, The Tuna Macgruber concussion protocol, and much more!

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Timestamps for this episode:

06:00 Soda can crack 

06:49 Thick Witch 

08:00 Batman and Robin 

11:56 Tom Hardy BJJ 

13:00 Baron Trump 

16:30 Macgruber 

18:07 Antonio Brown gets fully nude and exposes himself in Dubai 

22:00ish Lions/Seahawks 

25:30 Best Game of the Week 

27:00 Trump lips and other comparisons to Trump 

28:10 You ever thought about sunglasses? 

31:35 no dicks in Lion King 

35:00 Bros, Billy Eichner blames straight people 

37:40 Brad Pitt gets canceled 

41:30 SNL 

43:00 Thick Kicker Nestor Higuera

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