Are the events COVID safe?

Yes, absolutely. We take COVID very seriously. Every show has it’s precautionary measures and we follow all the government guidelines. You are required to wear masks into the club and to your seat. You must sit at your assigned table. If you need to get up, you must put your mask back on. The servers come to you. Everything is socially distanced.

Is there a minimum to how many people can sit at a table?

Yes. Each event is a little different. Read the notes for the show. Most shows have tables that start at 4 people minimum. Some shows have 2 tops or individual tickets as the minimums.

Do you need the minimum number of people to buy a table?

Absolutely not. We set the minimums based on the comedians and the shows, but you can buy a table with a minimum of 4 people and only have 2 people coming to the table. That is your choice. You can also add tickets to some shows.

How do I add additional tickets to my table?

First, you must check if the event allows for additional tickets to be added. If they do, this is what you do. As soon as you select your table during checkout, you will see the option to add on additional tickets. Pick the amount of tickets you want to add. In some circumstances, you can have up to 10 people at a table. Just check the details of the event and add tickets accordingly. You must buy the same type of tickets that match the tables. For example, VIP tables must have VIP tickets. 

Can I add more tickets to the table after I purchase a table?

Yes, as long as the table has not reached capacity. (Check the event details) You can buy the additional tickets online by following the instructions:

  • Pick any type of table

  • When you go to select the table, UNSELECT the default table.

  • Add the amount and type of additional tickets

  • Then proceed to checkout

It’s that easy. Please make sure you buy the type of ticket that matches the table purchased. For example, VIP tables must have VIP tickets. 

Can I buy an individual ticket?

In most cases, NO. But in a small select of shows you can. We mostly don’t allow individual tickets because of COVID Safety Protocols. As soon as the requirements allow us to, we will. All tickets must be associated with a table number.

How does everyone in my party get in?

Simple, they just need to say your LAST name at the door. We track everything else.