3rd and Inches Podcast, Ep. #006: NyQuil Chicken

WELCOME BACK TO THIRD AND INCHES!!! Week 2 of the NFL season is in the books. 

The boys recap all the surprises and upsets through 2 weeks of action and preview Week 3, talk about the dawn of the bald Lebron era, Tom Brady divorce rumors, the FDA issuing a warning about Nyquil Chicken, and much much more! 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Intro 

05:30 -  last weeks picks 

07:40 - picks loser punishment talk 

09:40 - Jags/Colts 

11:30  - Jimmy G dick game 

12:45 - watching NFL at Chili’s 

16:30- Jay Gruden 

18:10- Prostitution vs Porn 

19:20 - Week 3 preview 

26:00 - Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife 

27:30 - Austin FC vs Real Salt Lake 

31:20 - Mormons 

35:30 - FDA issues warning about boiling chicken in Nyquil 

37:20 - would you rather be trucked by Derick Henry or speared by Bobby Wagner 

43:40 - World Cup picks 

48:27 - what is the most common last name in the NFL 

50:30 - Fashion Choices 

52:10 - Bald LeBron 

56:00 - Adam Levine cheated on his wife with a girl from Austin 

58:00 - Did Tom Brady cheat on his wife? 

01:02:00 - Brett Favre steals money

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