3rd and Inches Podcast, Ep. #007: Sexual Awakening

WELCOME BACK TO THIRD AND INCHES!!! Week 3 of the NFL season is in the books. 

The boys recap all the surprises and upsets through 3 weeks of action and preview Week 4. 

The boys talk about sexual awakenings, infidelity in pro sports, NFL porn preferences, hottest cartoon characters, making their picks for the week of games ahead, and much more!

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - start 

00:30 - Carson Wentz 

10:40 - The Blue People 

12:30 - Poison Ivy 

18:00 - About Time movie review 

21:00 - First Sexual awakening 

26:30 - who in NFL has watched Family Guy Porn? - who in the NBA has cheated? 

35:39 - last week's NFL picks 

38:50 - this weeks picks 

46:00 - Sunday Night Football 

50:00 - Monday night football 

51:35 - Toilet bowl of the week 

55:50 - game of the week

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