3rd and Inches Podcast, Ep. #011: Defending OJ Simpson


This week on 3rd and Inches, the boys talk Halloween, Defending OJ Simpson, which NFL coach would you want to see a sextape of the most, the importance of having Hutzpah in your NFL quarterback, and much more! 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

2:20-4:24 Halloween costumes 

4:26 Tony Casillas slander 

5:10 Recap 

5:55 Colin sneezes weird 

6:10 Love Island 

7:30 guy on love island kills himself 

10:30 Bonding with other men over Love Island 

11:30-17:00 Cockney rhyming slang 

13:00 "You got a flat ass like Hank Hill" 

17:30 Michael Caine 

18:00 Cholo slang 

18:35 Athlete Halloween things: Bill Belichick 

19:10 role play 

19:25 NFL coach sex tape 

20:15 Speak every language in the world or play every instrument? 

21:05 Music transcends life and death dickhead 

22:30 "Little pedophile fingers" 

23:00 Piano vs Guitar 

23:50 Violin 

24:30 How to pronounce Nguyen 

26:00 Pig Latin 

27:00 Religion 

28:00 Dale Defending Kanye West 

29:20 "How big is your penis?" 

30:40 F1 

32:00 All the other festivals 

32:25 Woodstock 99 Documentary 

35:20 Colin is not athletic like Bert Kreischer 

38:00 Hutzpah 

40:00 Kevin James plays Sean Payton 

40:35 Dion Sanders movie 

41:30 Who's the coolest player in history 

42:00 Defending OJ Simpson 

43:10 Colin spoils another show 

43:50 Dahmer show 

46:40 Nancy Pelosi the big titty serial killer 

49:00 Only Murders in the Building - Selena Gomez 

50:00 Tina Fey and Colin's Dad 

53:45 "Stillers" 

57:45 Muhammad Ali bought Collin's mom ice cream 

58:55 10 Things I Hate About You 

1:03:20 Dead baby dick 

1:08:00 Sons of Anarchy 

1:10:25 Dave Navarro cameo 

1:12:40 the struggle of the Lakers - Legendre gets upset 

1:19:00 Cut

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