3rd and Inches Podcast, Ep. #012: Prison Pokemon


This week on 3rd and Inches, The NFL trade deadline has passed and the boys sit down to discuss an abnormally chaotic trade deadline. 

They also debate the age-old question: Do you have to be a bad parent in order to be a GOAT? A Phillies World Series update and more!

Watch Episode #012 of the 3rd and Inches Podcast here: 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - intro 

00:30 - NFL Trade Deadline chaos 

06:15 - Tom Brady and the worst decision ever made by a man ever 

08:30 - Definitive proof that LeBron is better than Jordan 

09:30 - Lebron James cheating behavior 

13:40 - Steve Nash fired as Nets head coach 

21:00 - Love Island spoiler rage 

23:00 - Bad dad champions club 

29:00 - Dale and Collin go to a strip club 

34:00 - Prison Pokemon 

39:40 - Mel Gibson! 

43:21 - Phillies in the World Series 

46:33 - Green Mile 

51:21 - Did Michael Clark Duncan orchestrate the assassination of Biggie Smalls? 

52:00 - XFL teams announced 

55:00 - Picks count

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