3rd and Inches Podcast, Ep. #018: Big Boy, Little chair w/ Tony Casillas

WELCOME BACK TO THIRD AND INCHES!!! This week on 3rd and Inches, the boys are joined by their very first guest. 

Comedian Tony Casillas sits down in our extra small guest chair to talk about being a Cowboys fan, growing up in Germany, and having holiday dinner with a 9/11 truther. All this and much more! 

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Watch Episode #018 of the 3rd and Inches Podcast with Tony Casillas here: 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - intro 

07:00 - The Megan Fox of feet 

12:00 - Christmas in a divorced household 

17:00 - masked Kanye 

28:00 - your grandma's house is getting shot at by tanks 

32:00 - retirement from little league football 

36:00 - Getting booed in Philadelphia 

50:00 - Holiday dinner with a 9/11 truther

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