3rd and Inches Podcast, Ep. #020: Soiled Oats with Jon Carden


Collin has landed himself back on the concussion protocol, filling in for him this week is Comedian Jon Carden!

Together, the boys talk about Carolina Panthers football, the NFL Playoff picture, fixing the college football playoff and much more!

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Watch Episode #020 of the 3rd and Inches Podcast with Jon Carden here: 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Intro 

05:00 - The worst part of the year is the part of the year where there isnt any football 

07:00 - Big Baller Brand 

13:00 - Week 18 Season Recap 

14:00 - Baker Mayfield 

16:00 - LeVeon Bell Turns into a soundcloud rapper 

18:00 - Tom Brady to the Raiders 

23:00 - He Sowed So We Can Soil 

24:30 - Preview: Panthers 

29:00 - Deshaun Watson’s first game “Towel Trick” 

33:00 - Such a pervert that you're banned from every massage parlor on the planet 

35:00 - Playoff matchups 

55:00 - Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe 

56:30 - Shannon Sharpe and Nia Long 

59:00 - CFB National Championship predictions 

1:03:00 - Fixing the College Football Playoff

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