Austin Comedy: Boom or Bust? Brandon Lewin on The Afterlaugh with Bill Dawes

What's the deal with comedy in Austin right now? 

It's been a hot topic since we started producing live shows in Austin last October...and here we are, almost a year later, and it's still the thing making us drop our jaws.

How did so many comedians and so much opportunity get here so fast?

Is it going to last, or is it a pipe dream?

Brandon Lewin, foundere of Big Laugh Comedy, sat down with Bill Dawes last week to talk about it all on his podcast.

If you want to hear about what's happening from the perspective of two people who have been IN it, you've got to check out this podcast.

You can listen through the audio embed below, or click here to find The Afterlaugh with Bill Dawes wherever you listen to podcasts

Brandon Lewin on The Afterlaugh with Bill Dawes:
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