Advice Not Taken Podcast episode #001: Caitlin Howe

Advice Not Taken is a mental health comedy podcast where comedian and hopeless romantic Jamie Kilstein (Joe Rogan Experience, Conan and Many rock bottoms) and hilarious badass Jessie Wiseman (Drinkin Bros Network, Degenerate) give advice they would never take like so many of us do. 

From giving advice to celebrities who are in the news that week, to helping you the listener, Jamie and Jessie and their famous delinquent friends will attempt to give advice not taken. 

You will laugh. You will cry. And laugh some more. Then cry even more. 

In episode 1 of Advice Not Taken, Jamie is joined by Caitlyn Howe

Together they discuss public affairs, The try guys controversy, Adam Levine, Ayahuasca, the difference between love and co-dependency, and much more!

Tune in for the best advice you never knew you need. Don't forget to like and subscribe for the latest episode drops and updates!

Watch episode #001 of Advice Not Taken with Caitlin Howe here: 

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