Advice Not Taken Podcast, Ep. #002: Getting Sober with Moby & Should You Follow Your Dreams? with Jessie Wiseman

Jessie Wiseman joins Jamie Kilstein for episode 2 of the Advice Not Taken podcast. 

Together, they discuss going to AA with Moby, the importance of finding humor in the darkest life moments, Post Malone having a baby, dating age appropriate in LA, the argument in defense of ghosting, and much more! 

You are going to love this episode. It's soooo much fun. 

Watch episode #002 of Advice Not Taken with Jessie Wiseman here: 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Co-host intro: Jessie Wiseman 

00:30 - Meeting backstage at a Bush concert 

04:50 - Gavin Rodsdale 

10:26 - The three types of sparring partners you want in Jiu Jitsu 

11:20 - Finding the humor in the darkest life moments 

15:00 - Testing future girlfriend with I think You Should Leave 

17:40 - Getting sober with Moby 

25:00 - there not just going to hand you money for being sober 

31:00 - I miss my dingy studio apartment 

34:00 - the romance in the climb up with people 

37:00 - Don’t Follow Your Dreams 

48:40 - Opening for Marc Maron 

53:00 - Post Malone having a baby 

56:00 - dating age appropriate in LA 

01:12:00 - In defense of Ghosting 

01:17:00 - Audience Advice Segment

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