Advice Not Taken Podcast Ep. #005: Penis Me Please with Mike Eaton

Penises, fentanyl, woke coke, and comedy stories so good that George Carlin came back from the dead.

Episode 5 of Advice Not Taken brings Mike Eaton (comedian and podcaster, Highly Social) to the show to talk about some of the craziest topics ever. 

And in the Logcast "AA" (Audience Advice) segment, Jamie and Mike answer the question: How should we define being a good man? and much more!

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Timestamps for this episode:

6:00 Mike Eaton doesn't like George Carlin 

8ish- Bill Hicks 

10:39 "Fentanyl Free Heroin" 

10:50 "Woke Coke" 

11:35 Lenny Bruce and George Carlin story 

12:20 Cliff Nesterov History of American Comedy 

13:30 "Rodney Dangerfield" 

13:42 Jamie's existential crisis 

16:18 "Comedy is a coping mechanism" -being the class clown, finding more gratifying than doing well academically 

18:30 Comedy being used for evil 

18:41 the existential crisis referred to earlier (13:42

22:40 "Penis Me Please" 

30:00ish Drunk behavior, being around drunk people at comedy shows 

34:00 Mike Eaton talks about seeing Bert Kreischer's show in the front row 

36:00 Not Drinking in Comedy 

37:00ish Jamie smoking cigarettes 

39:00 Mike being put on the spot to tell a joke 

40:00 "i tell people I'm a pediatric gynecologist" -Mike 

44:44 "Mike's a Dietitian" 

47:00 Advice Jamie is going to ignore this week 

52:00ish the comedian pipeline 

56:00ish-57:00ish Mike drinking to have a good time at Banana Phone 

1:00:00 Found jesus, turns out hes not that cool 

1:02:00 Jamie bros out about Mike 

1:05:00 "Stimulus to fill the sad hole" 

1:15:00 Logcast 

1:17:50 Mike Eaton plugs 

1:19:00 Chris Rees story

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