Advice Not Taken Podcast Ep. #007: Riding A Bike With One Wheel with Lauren Compton

Episode 7 of Advice Not Taken brings comedian Lauren Compton to the show to talk about forgetting how to date, the pros and cons of dating apps, ideal date ideas, and much more. 

And in the Logcast "AA"(Audience Advice) segment, Jamie and Lauren answer the question: How do I stop judging others? and much more! 

Watch Advice Not Taken Episode 007 with Lauren Compton here: 

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - introduction 

01:00 - forgetting how to date 

02:05 - Dating is like riding a bike with one wheel 

03:00 - Defending dating apps 

11:14 I'm a half a person looking to date a whole person 

22:00 - breaking up using the compliment sandwich 

27:44 - Giving more of yourself than just a hookup 

33:00 - Road tripping with a significant other 

36:00 - What do you want to do on a first date? 

51:00 - You're not my only option (even if you are) 

1:01:00 Logcast Audience Advice Segment: "How can I stop judging people?"

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