Advice Not Taken Podcast Ep. #008: Rats, Carbs, and Being Mortared on the First Date with Dr. Mike Simpson

Episode 8 brings Dr. Mike Simpson (former Airborne Ranger, Green Beret, Physician, and best-selling author) to the show to talk about men's health.

Jamie and Mike talk about how to stay fit and healthy past age 40. They talk about the dangers of food addiction and the common misconceptions that often derail those who are trying to lose weight. 

Mike tells the story of how he and his wife met, being mortared in an active war zone on a first date, and much more.

In the Logcast "AA"(Audience Advice) segment, Jamie and Mike answer the question: How do I find religion later in life?

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Timestamps for this episode:

01:00 - Waterboarding Steven Crowder 

06:20 - toxic masculinity 

10:00 - Texas is a mutual combat state 

13:00 - getting injured playing Duck, Duck, Goose 

15:00 - turning 40 and being afraid to die alone 

16:32 - how to maintain self-confidence with aging 

18:15 - prison mindset in church 

19:30 - There’s competing narratives about aging decline 

22:30 - 24:0 a great day vs a hard day 

26:00 - 29:00 impulse control cycle, the plan to stop it 

33:30 - taking a lap vs stopping eating 

37:00 - early 21st-century memes as a college course. 

42:00 - just because you’re getting something from a health store, doesn’t mean it’s healthy 47: 00 - fear of feeling lonely at 40. 

48:30  - the story of how I met my wife/only time I lied to my wife 

56:00 - how to defeat your demons 

01:02:00 - the secret to a happy marriage: Being on the same boat

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