Advice Not Taken Podcast Ep. #009: Alone on the Holidays

Episode #009 has an empty co-host chair as Jamie sits down for the first-ever solo episode of Advice Not Taken.  

Jamie sits down to discuss being alone for the holidays, making your own traditions, how different vices affect different people, how to fight with your family at Thanksgiving dinner, taking yourself out on a date, and much more! 

Plus in the Logcast Audience Advice section, we tackle the question: "If you could bring one comic bring one comic back from the dead, who would it be?"

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - intro 

08:00 - I think You Should Leave 

08:40 Danny Brown 

10:25 Outline of the show 

11:20 Venting personal stuff 

11:45 being healthy is hard 

13:15 New Years Resolutions that get to mid-January 

14:35 the difference in how vices affect different people 

14:55 Glenn Beck "how to fight with your family on thanksgiving" 

15:35 friend for advice who tells Jamie to drink and do stand up. 

16:20 temptation in general 

17:04 "Martin Luther King famous" 

20:10 "doing the hard thing in the long run, makes your life better" 

22:00 Writing vs pornhub 

23:15 Instant gratification 

26:50 Learn a new skill 

27:50 Holidays/politics 

29:00 Colorado shooting 

30:35 don't bring your kids to inappropriate things 

37:50 being alone for the holidays 

39:50 Relationships 

41:30 Thanksgiving 

42:25 "if you're vegan would you make yourself eat turkey?" 

45:00 Christmas/Holidays 

47:00 Take yourself out on a date 

52:15 Logcast plug somewhere in there - Merriam Webster Segment 

57ish? Wacky headlines 

59:00 Chicken/egg priest behavior 

1:00:00 Sex things 

1:04:00 Doing the fundamentals well 

1:05:30 Substack Family/Thanksgiving Piece, other plugs 

1:08:00 breakfast king - which passed comedian would you bring back 

1:13:00 Closing out

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