Advice Not Taken Podcast Ep. #011: Home On The Gun Range

Swearing off Rom-Coms, teaching children gun safety, and the life lessons of Mortal Kombat. 

Jamie covers it all this week, fresh off the heartbreak of nearly adopting a stray dog and trying to date the gay barista at his coffee shop... All this and much more, this week on Advice Not Taken.

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 Intro 

05:18 Buddhism 

06:30 Two grizzled sad old men on tiktok 

10:45 No More Rom-Coms 

13:45 Cobra Kai 

19:00 John Cusack Boombox 

20:00 Censorship years, columbine, explicit content 

23:30 Mortal Kombat vs real life 

27:15 gun training children 

27:50 Back when I was a liberal... 

28:40 Media coverage of shootings 

34:15 Stray dog 

44:00 Bouncing back 

50:00-57:00 The Gay girl at the coffee shop 

58:00 Tithing: Christian vs Catholic 

59:30  Logcast Audience Advice 

1:03:00 Having friends who are honest with you and call you out 

1:04:00 Having supportive friends 

1:05:00 You are the 5 people you surround yourself with 

1:08:30 Chef cooking for homeless 

1:10:00 Good Deed City Captains 

1:14:20 You're allowed to be proud of yourself

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