Advice Not Taken Podcast Ep. #004: Be Undeniably Awesome with Tim Kennedy

Episode 4 of Advice Not Taken, Tim Kennedy (Special Forces operator, Retired UFC fighter, best-selling author, and founder of Sheepdog Response) covers what it takes to become a better person, making the change out of a series of mistakes, living with the guilt of past decisions. 

And in the Logcast "AA" (Audience Advice) segment, Jamie and Tim answer the question: How should we define being a good man? and much more!

Listen to episode #004 of Advice Not Taken with Tim Kennedy here: 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Start 

00:30 - We are surrounded by weapons 

02:30 - Making the switch from being a better person 

04:00 - It starts with the little things 

14:45 - Finding your tribe 

18:30 - You can’t have grace without falling from grace 

26:00 - Grifters 

30:00 - train for the fight that we’re probably going to fight, not the fight you don’t want to fight 

32:00 - Be undeniably awesome 

37:45 - becoming better out of a series of failures 

42:00 - The Hell bound Train 

45:00 - Living with the shame of past decisions 

48:30 - What Cancel culture should be 

51:00 - Audience Advice Section - How do define being a good man?

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