Austin Comics to Watch, February 2022

Happy month of love or whatever, you jerks. 

We’re already a month into the new year. Holy shit, has life been weird. But at least there’s a lot of funny people hanging around Austin. 

Keeping up with our monthly series, it’s time to unwrap some of the greatest gifts we could bestow upon you bastards: funny ass people. 

These are the folks who’ll be doing the Valentine’s shows, hitting the stage to avoid a date, and every gig in between. Get out there, buy some tickets, drink a lot of hot toddies, be sweet and let’s all collectively hope we get to those spring flowers quickly. 

And in no particular order…

Here are Big Laugh Comedy’s February 2022 Austin Comics to Watch.

Cristina Mariani
The Queen of Cringe, Cristina is one of the best rising voices in Austin comedy. Her act is vicious and with the more stage time she gets, she finds new ways to break your heart and mind, one fucked up joke at a time.


Check out a Kill Tony appearance from Cristina here: 

Markus Olind

The Beardmaster General himself, Markus has a style that’s without pretext, he just goes for it, dropping anecdotes of his personal life, but also dipping into some of the bigger thoughts plaguing society today. Plus, that luxurious beard.

Check out one of Markus' sets here: 

Liz Splatt

One of Austin’s wilder voices, Liz Splatt is fresh out of fucks. From singing about ass on her Instagram, to beguiling audiences around Austin, she’s the real deal and armed with a litany of ways to make you howl with laughter.

Watch one of her sets here:

Dylan Sullivan

Dylan has worked his way up from being a Comedy Store door guy to now appearing as a guest on Kill Tony, opening for David Spade, as well as, converting new fans across America every time he tours.

Watch Dylan Sullivan's set on Lights Out here:  

Ryan Joseph

Ryan’s been hitting the road lately and results are in - one of the wildest comics out of the Austin scene is packing houses for his irreverent brand of comedy that’s 100MPH with no punches pulled.

Make sure to follow them, go to their shows, and listen to their podcasts. You're going to be seeing a lot more of them!
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