Austin Comics to Watch: January 2022

It’s that time again. You know what it is. Ever heard the term “that’s one funny motherfucker?” 

We got the goods. Some of Austin’s funniest motherfuckers around. 

These are the comics murdering whether it’s fifteen in Tulsa on a road gig or showing out of towners what’s happening down here in the Capital city. 

Follow these folks. Love them. Go to their shows. Buy their stickers. Support them any way you can. 

And in no particular order...

Here are Big Laugh Comedy's January 2022 Austin Comics to Watch: 

Casey Rocket 

Casey has taken the Austin comedy scene by storm. Moving here from Artlanta during the pandemic, Casey takes a very unique approach to comedy. It’s not the easiest to explain, so just watch some of his clips

Most of his material is from rifting, the art of making stuff up on the spot. And he never disappoints. Casey Rocket’s comedy is similar to watching a pimple popping video. At first you aren’t sure what is going on, but after a while you can’t stop watching. 

And he’s funny as fuck. 

Follow Casey Rocket on Instagram here.

Grace Kirk 

Grace, originally from the Houston area, has come to Austin with vengeance. She is a cold blooded killer on stage. She will go places that most people will never dear. 

Her bravery and wit is what makes her one of the best young talents in the comedy scene...just watch:

Grace’s ability to take her real life stories and form them into well crafted jokes is a talent within itself. You will never be disappointed when you see Grace live.

Follow Grace Kirk on Instagram here.

Lukas McCrary

What can be said about Lukas. The young comedian moved to Austin and got a few opportunities on Kill Tony. One of the biggest was on the 500th episode. Lukas shined. 

Not long after that you could find Lukas on most of the biggest shows around town including The Secret Show, opening for Jessimae Peluso, and his own show The Hit List.

Don’t be fooled by Lukas’s innocent look. The comedian is a killer and you can check out one of his clips here.

Follow Lukas McCrary on Instagram here.

Nick Reece

Nick, like many of the comedians, moved here in the beginning of the Austin Boom. He has hustled his way through the scene. Using his unique perspective on life to carve out some great material. 

Nick is young in his comedy career, but he shows an enormous amount of promise. You have to see him. 

Nick has started to produce his own shows around town. Not only creating opportunities for himself, but for his fellow comedians. You can see Nick and his friends on his recurring show, Plump Fiction.

Follow Nick Reece on Instagram here.

Heather Shaw 

Heather took TikTok by storm. Known as the woman who looks like Jim Carey, she moved to Austin a few months ago. And thank God she did. 

Any time you see Heather, she kills it on stage. Her storytelling is what reels you in and the punchlines leave your sides hurting. Just watch this clip.

Follow Heather Shaw on Instagram here.

Jon Carden 

Jon is an incredibly talented comedian who moved to Austin not just for comedy, but for family. Jon is not new to comedy. Being in the game for a few years now, he gets the opportunity to open for the hilarious Big Jay Oakerson. 

Being able to work with Big Jay shows a lot in Jon’s act. Being able to use the crowd and interact with the audience is a big plus for a comedian's repertoire. And Jon does not disappoint.

He brings his family into his set...and boy is it relatable. You are going to love Jon:

Follow Jon Carden on Instagram here.

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