Austin Comics to Watch: May 2022

Summer is almost here. And it’s already consistently 100 degrees. 

Hopefully, the heat will scare some people with plans to move here up to Dallas. Just sayin’. 

But, while we can trash talk new tax dollars floating into our fair city, there is work at hand, y’all. 

The May Austin Comics to Watch and this month, we’ve got some folks out there truly on the grind. If you see their name on a flier, stop in, grab and drink and give them a shot. 

The whole purpose of this monthly list is to highlight folks who’re out there going for it and we salute them. As AC/DC says, “it’s a long way to the top, if you want to rock and roll.”

These are the May 2022 Big Laugh Comedy Austin Comics to Watch.

Derek Kopswa

A fella who’s been in the Austin comedy game for over a decade. Derek is a truly a good dude who other comics love to watch thanks to his sweet boy persona, but then drops atomic bomb hot takes you’d never have considered. 

He’s not exactly silent, but he is a killer. Watch some of his stuff here: 

Joe Begley

The redneck wunderkind who’s regularly on the road, but hangs his hat in Austin. 

This is one of those comics who channels the spirit of Willie back in the day - a “hippie with redneck tendencies.”

Watch some of Joe Begley's comedy: 

Maggi Mayfield

A lot of people hate on the whole singer-comedian thing, but Maggi throws those ideas into the trash because she's hilarious. 

Maggi’s been all over Austin, including Redban’s Secret Show and can be found gigging around the south. (She’s also a joy to be around.)

Check out Maggi Mayfield's musical comedy: 

Darian Irwin

One of those comics putting in the work. Darian is getting up as much as possible, all over the Austin area, and recently made his New Orleans debut with Mike Eaton. 

Darian is climbing the ladder of the Austin area. We’re confident you’ll be seeing even more of him this summer. 

Watch some of Darian's standup here: 

Monford Davis

One of our homegrown guys, Monford, is another dude chopping away and putting in the time. He’s a dedicated tactician that can be found hitting the late night mics, and always getting up, no matter what part of the city. We’re rooting for his success. 

Check out some standup from Monford Davis:


Did you see someone you loved at a show? Shout them out and tag us in your posts. 

We love to hear about who’s out there popping off. See you in the streets.

- The Big Laugh Crew
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