Billy Procida from The Manwhore Podcast tries Malort Liquor

Let's set the stage for this one really quick: 

Big Laugh was founded by a proud Chicagoan (why is it spelled that way?) and since there's just so many things people from Chicago are proud of, we wanted to give one of them a shout with this hilarious video.

Our friend Matt Slayer from the And Now We Drink Podcast got his friend, comedian and podcaster Billy Procida, to try a Chicago anti-hero: Malort Liquor. 

If you want to know how that usually goes for someone unfamiliar with the drink...check out his reaction video here:

It probably shouldn't be much of a surprise that the place where people are proud of the wind also produces some of the most controversial drinks around, too. 

I think I'll just stick with being sober if Malort is my only option.

Check out Billy Procida's podcast, The Manwhore Podcast, here
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