Where to See Stand-up Comedy in Austin: The Clubs

Comedy Clubs in Austin, Texas

There’s no question about it: Austin has turned into a hot spot for the best comedians in the world. 

And while we had a good scene before the last whole world-shifting few years, the club scene in town has popped the fuck off.

Since so many parts of the comedy world feel “underground” until you’re really in it, we wanted to make a resource for comedy fans to easily find all the comedy hot spots in town.

And for this article, we’ve gotta start with talking about the comedy clubs in Austin (in no particular order.)  

Here’s Your Guide to All of the “Official” Comedy Clubs in Austin, TX

Vulcan Gas Company

You didn’t think we would leave ourselves out, did you?

Since Big Laugh Comedy began doing live shows post-panini (in Texas, anyway) we’ve had a partnership with Vulcan Gas Company on 6th Street. 

The chaos of Dirty 6th Street has been described as a “better lit Bourbon Street,” and we’d consider that a top pick for some laughs.

Vulcan Gas Company is a two-level, black box-feeling spot that brings in local and traveling comedians in many stages of their careers to perform. 

It used to be soley an EDM club, and sometimes you can still catch one of those shows, too. 

If you ever want to dance your ass off after laughing your ass off, you can definitely p

There are big weekly shows such as Kill Tony and Brian Redban’s DEATHSQUAD Secret Show, as well as headliner shows most weekends. 

We never quite know ourselves who we might see each week, and that makes it a helluva good time! 

Located at: 

418 E. 6th Street

Austin, TX 78701

The Creek & The Cave 

If you’re familiar with the New York City comedy scene, you’ve probably heard of The Creek & The Cave. 

Rebecca Trent moved her legendary club from Queens to the Red River District soon after you-know-what restrictions started easing up in Texas. 

This spot offers shows every night of the week, including most holidays. 

You can catch lineup shows with both locals and traveling comedians, headliner shows, “theme” shows that take a spin on standup in some very fun ways, and plenty of open mics for comedians working on material. 

The Creek & The Cave also keeps their back patio and bar open late, so this turns into a big hangout spot in the comedy community. 

Located at: 

611 E. 7th Street

Austin, TX 

(If you remember where Baracuda was, this is the spot.)

Sunset Strip Comedy Club

The Sunset Strip Comedy Club is also called The Sunset Room, and it hosts comedy shows with killer lineups a few times a month and concerts or events at other times. 

When the Comedy Club comes out, it’s always a packed house and a helluva good time. 

The bar is great, the room is wide open and you’ll see the comedians hanging out for the entire night because it’s just that fun. 

Make sure to check their website to know when the comedy shows are going down so you can plan a fun night for yourself at The Sunset Strip. 

Located at: 

310 E. 3rd Street

Austin, TX 78701

The ROMO Room

The ROMO Room is the north side’s comedy representation - it’s located in the buzzing Domain and is partnered with The Brass Tap.  

This spot has two rooms: a smaller one for open mics or more intimate shows, and a larger one that packs out for many of the shows it hosts.

The ROMO Room has a bunch of shows and open mics throughout the week, featuring large headliners and plenty of local talent. 

Their open mics also run on a slotted system, so comedians can try new material in a more organized and timely manner than basically anywhere else. 

You can also enjoy the benefits of The Brass Tap while laughing your a$$ off! 

Located at: 

10910 Domain Drive

Austin, TX 78758

The Velveeta Room

Out of the places listed here, The Velveeta Room - AKA “The Velv” - is the longest-running comedy club in town.

Located next to Esther’s Follies, The Velv has been a staple for the Austin comedy scene for years. 

Before the Corona Beer outbreak, The Velv was the spot for up-and-coming comedians to get on open mics or begin hosting and featuring for headliners that came through…and thankfully, not much has changed about that.

There is always a Thursday open mic, and the weekends are packed with headliner shows and other local lineup shows, some of which are games or themed. 

This club captures the heart of Austin in its intimate space and the shows are always worth talking about. 

Located at: 

521 E. 6th Street

Austin, TX 78701

Fallout Theater

This spot is located closer to West 6th Street, and it's both a stand-up comedy and improv theater. 

Fallout Theater features comedy every night of the week (often multiple shows per night), and there's a huge range of what you can catch here.

Sometimes it's an absurd dating show, an improv scene with an impossible situation, or a good ol' fashioned standup list. 

However you spin it, this place is very Austin, and very fun. It's co-owned by several local comedians and performers, and this shows through in the best ways.

Fallout also rents its space out to performers wishing to rehearse, and offers improv comedy classes for performers of all levels.

Located at: 

616 Lavaca Street

Austin, TX 78701


…and more Austin comedy clubs are on their way.

Beyond the four “official” clubs currently running in Austin, there are at least two more in the works of opening. 

Joe Rogan is in the works of opening his spot that he moved to Austin to create.

And the city’s only club pre-lockdowns, Cap City Comedy, is also making a return as a part of the Helium Comedy Club family.

There’s no doubt about it: professional comedy in Austin is booming like never before, and this seems to be just the beginning. 

If you want to see the best comedians in the world, they’re probably either living here now or swinging through pretty often.

Take this article as a sign: don’t sleep on our home scene if you haven’t checked out any of these clubs yet. 

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