Dave is the funniest new show on TV right. That’s right, I said it. If you disagree, fight me!

It’s everything one could ask for.

Funny as fuck...check.


Finds the humor in real issues...check.

A story about a person making it on his own...check.

The show is a semi-autobiographical story about Dave Burd, also known as Lil’ Dicky. He’s a rapper, a comedian and now, a TV Show star, producer, and creator.

Dave is like Childish Gambino, but he doesn’t do stand up.

Instead his raps are funny. Sort of like Weird Al Yanchivich, but better. Lil Dicky can spit, son! He writes his own lyrics and doesn’t create parodies of people’s hits.

Instead, he writes about funny topics like saving money, being a professional rapper and a song about losing a girl. Plus, his freestyles are tiiiight.

Check him out on Sway In The Morning.

Like the show Dave, Dave the person is hard to put in a box. He’s unique and so is the show.

A lot of the story is about him and his rise to fame. Which is actually true. Some not, but that’s left up to us to speculate.

The characters are semi-fictional, too.

His best friend, roommate and so to be manager, Mike, played by the hilarious Andrew Sanatino...is one of the stars of the show. Andrew is one funny motherfucker.

A stand up comedian, turned actor. He shines in his first major role on the telly.

His true super powers are his quick one liners. Most of the time they are a quick burn towards someone and other times directed right towards the situation he is in.

Either way, the one timers are perfect.

The other surprise star of the show is GaTa.

GaTa, GaTa, GaTa.

Dude is amazing. GaTa is a real person played by himself on the show. He plays a random person Dave meets in a studio, just by chance.

GaTa is a fan of Lil’ Dicky and that first encounter starts a lifelong friendship. GaTa quickly hooks onto Dave. He is with him as much as possible hyping him up.

When the moment comes, GaTa is asked to be Lil Dicky’s hype man on stage. In reality, GaTa is Lil Dicky’s real life hype man. He is his best friend. And GaTa steals the show.

What’s even cooler is Dave creates an entire episode dedicated to GaTa’s story. Not just the character, but the person. Because GaTa is a really interesting cat.

From the way he talks, how he phrases shit, to crazy hyped up passion for things, it really is GaTa.

But in the episode solely focuses on GaTa, you get a real life look into what it’s like to be bi-polar, which GaTa really is.

The episode takes us back to the moments that made GaTa realize something really was wrong. He deals with the ups and downs, literally, in coming to grips with his mental health, as well as the medication to make him better.

Ultimately, he gets what he always needed, support from his boys...Dave and Mike.

Now onto the genius and star of this show, Dave Burd. The dude is extremely talented and this show gives you a glimpse into how deep his talent goes. Unlike his penis.

The situations he writes about and creates is like the funniest type of poetry that was transformed into a TV show.

That was weird, but the show is weird. And funny. Really funny.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, but here's a little something to base it off of. 

Imagine, a nice Jewish kid, who is really awkward, and you probably would’ve made fun of in high school. He grows up with an amazing childhood thanks to his loving parents. 

The kid is no longer a boy, but a man. A tall, still awkward person, with a beard and a curly Jew fro. Now this awkward man wants to be a famous rapper.

His first song is about his small penis. The song is created and streamed online. It’s a hit, but not only that.

The awkward man takes part of his bar mitzvah money and makes a rap video. The video goes viral.

From there, all he wants is the fame and recognition he knows he deserves. Along the way, he tackles with who he is as Dave Burd the person and Lil Dicky the rapper.

It’s fucking hilarious to watch. Dave is so weird and self aware. Lil Dicky is just a cooler version of Dave.

As usual, Rotten “Fuck Boi” Tomatoes gives the show 58%, but the real people have spoken. Between me and the Audience Score on Frotten Fomatoes (88% average score), we like this show. 

A lot!

I give this 4.5 out of 5 pizza slices.

If you like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The League, Archer, or Atlanta...you will love Dave. The new show is produced by Kevin Hart, Scooter Braun (What a horrible name) and thirty four other people you don’t. 

You can watch it on FXX on Wednesday’s at 9pm CT or on Hulu the next day.

If you are a fan of hip hop, then you’ll like this even more.

I’m a fan of all of the above and could not love this show any more. It makes me look forward to Wednesday nights.

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