The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour, Ep. #003: Grim Bizkit and the fall of Woodstock '99

The rapscallions of GrimVille are back with another episode. 

This week they discuss Grimmo selling pancake sandwich at the Capitol and cheese-slapping Whitney Houston at Woodstock '99.

Many laugh. Several smile. 

Watch Episode #003 of The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour Here:

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - Clip 

00:41 - Intro 

Grimace in the News:  

  • 01:34 - Grimace convicted of selling pancake at the Capitol Riots   
  • 03:23 - Grimace caught eating hella saltines   
  • 04:19 - Grimace stealing from the tooth fairy

06:46 - Ways Batman's parents died 

08:06 - Who would YOU freaky Friday with 

16:25 - Casey's little bag o tricks 

17:14 - Cat's little bag o tricks 

22:50 - Christian Bale is a nation treasure goddamnit 

28:44 - Punchin holes in wall 

30:25 - Casey's one man prank show 

32:50 - Smoking weed in parking garages is a dangerous game 

34:37 - Punching holes in wall (cont.) 

38:00 - Grimby around the horn 

45:42 - Outro

Follow the hosts of the Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour:

Casey Rocket: 

Cat Swantner:
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