Get to Know the Boys of the 3rd and Inches Podcast

Daylen is scared of his ex girlfriends. Collin is scared of commitment. Brandon is scared of heights. 

“Balconies scare my ass,” reports Brandon Legendre of the new Big Laugh Comedy Network podcast “3rd and Inches.” 

Daylen Mendoza, Collin O’Meara and Brandon Legendre are three twenty something Austin comics behind the new show 3rd and Inches - a weekly comedy sports podcast covering everything sports from the week prior. 

Here's episode 1, if you haven't seen it:


We asked the boys of 3rd and Inches a little bit about themselves and here’s what they reported back:

Daylen Mendoza:

What does success look like?

“I know I’m successful when my mom doesn’t have to work another day or when I get a jetski, jetski’s are fuckin sweet.”

If you could be sponsored by a company, who would it be?

“Honestly a Bed Bath and Beyond deal right now would change my life. I’ve been on a self love journey and I feel like mfs who shop at the triple B love themselves. I’m a little too broke right now to shop there effectively, so a sponsorship would be ideal.”

What should people know about you?

“I am a man if that wasn’t clear.”

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Collin O’Meara

Who do you think is a voice that needs to be heard?

“Helen Keller”

If you could be sponsored by a company, who would it be?

“Jameson. I have a wee bit of a problem.”

What’s your favorite comedy movie of all time?

“Schindler’s List?”

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Brandon Legendre

Which comedians influence you?

“Bill Burr, Tom Segura, Bert Kreischer”

What kind of music did you listen to in high school?

“Rap music because I wanted to be a rapper and made rap music. I actually dressed like Eminem in 8 mile for a year or two. Big headphones, hoodie, beanie, in 100 degree weather.”

What is your favorite comedy movie of all time?

“Talladega nights or Step Brothers”

What's the brokest you've ever been?

“Right now! Me and my girlfriend go into McDonalds separately so we can both use coupons for dinner.”

Follow Brandon on Instagram: @brandonlegendre_

Check out Brandon’s other podcast “Your Last Resort” here.

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