Introducing: The Killer Women (of Comedy)

Article by: Robert Dean

Never lost in the shadows but in front of the lights, eyes focused like cheetahs, ready to stalk and murder their prey, these are the women that move with voracious speed and with breathless acuity. 

They want to maim you, to leave you torn and tattered, to be breathless, clutching your chest, gasping for air.

They’re trying to send you to an early grave. They’ll happily drop the dirt into the hole.

From Austin to Miami, to New York and beyond, these are the violent femmes that cloak their comedic bloodlust, night by night, stage by stage, always hunting their prey – only armed with a microphone! Their voracious appetites are rarely fulfilled. 

Yet, this comedic violence doesn't only destroy; it creates and molds as well. 

No one is safe from their path of destruction - no matter how safe you feel in your bubble, just know they’re coming. 

Whatever you hold safe, whatever you hope they won’t say, they’re going to say it and look you straight in the eye, just the same as sending you to meet your maker - one joke at a time. Nothing is sacred on their stages.

This rapacious new breed prowls alone and in packs, operating at any level, anytime, anywhere, and with anybody. Who are they? 

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet The Killers. 

If one of these masters of murderous mayhem makes it to your neck of the woods, watch out, they may be coming for you!
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