What can I say? I’m a big fan of Kevin Hart. Dude is goofy as hell and he works his ass off. The positivity he practices is guru level type shit. 

If Kevin was a player in Madden, his positivity level would be a 99 (the highest of all players). But his height would equal that out, so he would still be a practice squad player.

He’s like a monk, but shorter. Positive and wise, but still needs a stepping stool to get the FruitLoops from the top shelf in the cupboard.

Kevin’s mental toughness shows you why he has made it. The game is part talent and a lot more mental.

I respect the shit out of him for that. 

With that said, I really liked the documentary series. Surprise, surprise. I know. I’m swinging from his jock strap. Yada, yada, yada. Laugh it up.

What can I say...I’m a fan. If you are a fan, you are going to love it, too. 

If you are a hater, then skip right over Kevin’s face on Netflix and go right to After Life. 

Since you are reading this right now, I am going to do my best Miss Cleo impersonation. (Google her if you don’t know) You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t a slight bit interested in the series. 

Since you are intrigued, I’m going to give the ESPN highlights of all the episodes. No fucking spoilers because momma didn’t raise no snitch.

But enough to wet your beak.

Watch the trailer here:

The first two episodes were really inspirational and motivational. It was like taking motivational steroids.

After watching the first couple of episodes, you find yourself hyped. You are ready to conquer the world and never sleep. Eventually, the adrenaline wears off and you pass out. 

But then you throw the series on again and the same thing happens.

It’s a vicious cycle. 

What the editors do so well is hook you. Each episode leads into a cliffhanger. 

You are dangling on the edge, waiting to see what happens next. 

It’s like a dingleberry hanging there, waiting to fall into the toilet. Disgusting. I know, but still a damn good analogy. 

What happens is instead of feeding your cats or cleaning your guns or planting your tulips in your garden, you decide to let good old Netflix run another episode.

Then another and another. Until you are done with the series in 7 hours. It’s only 6 hours long, but you factor food breaks and a couple bathroom meetings, you rack up another hour's worth of time. 

I didn't binge the series because I have more self control than others. Ha-ha suckers. I mean that in the most caring and loving way possible.

The series is very binge-worthy. 

That’s what the screen drug dealer, Netflix, wants you to do. 

Kudos to the producers, director and editors.

What amazes me on a documentary series like this is how long they have to shoot to capture enough material. 

They must have shot at least 2 years worth of footage. That’s a whole lot of film to sort through.

But SO worth it.

They captured the whole cheating scandal with Kevin and some random girl in Vegas. 

The show captures his Irresponsible tour, which was released on Netflix.

Watch the Irresponsible trailer:

Can you say genius cross promotion?

It captures the Oscar drama. The before and after, which is great to see. But Ricky Gervas said it best during the Golden Globes.

And there is so much more to the series.

Reminder: I ain’t no snitch.

So, we are going to leave it at that.
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