The children of retired ravers have followed in the glowing steps of their parents.

If you ever wondered what kids would look like if you strapped glow sticks on them to make them resemble  stick figures, well here you have it.

Add one more piece to it…music from the movie Blade. 

Now you have an absolute masterpiece.

Fucking gold!

Apparently, these aren’t the only kids raging with glow sticks. Look in the comments and you will see a handful of more videos. 

Everyone is thirsty for attention.

Thankfully no kids were under the influence of molly during the filming of this video. 

But if you want to take some yourself…I mean you aren’t going anywhere…the videos will be so much better.

You might think teaching your kids how to properly dance in the dark with glow sticks to EDM is unproductive. 

Think again.

These kids will be well equipped to rage at every major musical festival as soon as were are allowed to sweat and swing glowing hula hoops in a social setting. 

These parents are thinking of their kids future. 

Learning Mandarin…Pfft!
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