Kill Tony #534: Chris Tellez

Kill Tony episode #534 gets wild with another Austin local favorite comedian on the panel: Chris Tellez.

Chris cohosts a monthly showcase called Shit's Golden at The Ballroom and has been a headliner in the ATX for a while now.

He has a great time on the panel with Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban, and as an Austin company, it's a ton of fun to watch! 

This episode of Kill Tony has some good highlights...

  • We learn some...interesting new news on Hans' dating preferences
  • A person from the bucket might not like the TV show he's on?
  • The legendary Michael Lehrer breaks his retirement for a surprise set
  • First-timers try their hand at comedy
  • ...and that's just some of it. 

Watch Kill Tony #534 with Chris Tellez here:
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