My Top Ten Rejected Magazine Submissions This Week

by: Bob Eckstein

My Top Ten Rejected Magazine Submissions This Week

Artwork by Bob Eckstein

10. “What is Your Over or Under?” and Other Pithy Super Bowl-Party Pick-Up Lines 

9. What to Watch Instead of the Big Game and How To Bet On It

8. How To Convince Reluctant Co-Workers To Play In Super Bowl Pool

7. How To Play the Jake From State Farm Drinking Game

6. Snarky Comebacks at Super Bowl Party to Those Who Don’t Even Know Who Is Playing

5. How To Make Your Super Bowl Party a Woke Super Bowl Party

4. Hold All Bets! First Create a Game Model Using Roomba Vacuums

3. You Had No Plans For New Years and Now No Super Bowl Invites; Let’s Talk

2. Why Your Idea of Having Our Super Bowl Party In a Beer Garden Is a Lousy Idea And Please Stop Referring To It As OUR Party 

1. Off-Color Super Bowl Prop Bets To Make With Your Wife, Partner or Former High School Coach

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