Off the Phone Podcast, Ep. 002: The Sun

Welcome Back to Off The Phone! 

On This Episode, Darian sits down with Fuzzy Khilji and Mikey Biggs to discuss the big burning ball in the sky.

They talk what would happen in the event of a major Coronal Mass Ejection, The time a solar flare nearly caused the World War 3, Pluto getting canceled, and they debate which is better: The Sun or The Moon. 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Intro 

05:10 - Coronal Mass Injection 

10:15 - The Carrington Event 

11:09 - The solar flare that nearly caused a war 

28:17 - The sun and the human visible range 

29:16 - Probing the sun 

32:58 - Aliens living underneath the sun 

36:51 - Pluto gets cancelled 

41:28 - The Streisand Effect 

43:57 - Benihana 

46:00 - Distance between Earth and Sun 

48:30 - Absolute magnitude vs Apparent magnitude 

51:29 - Closest star to earth after the sun 

53:00 - The one human who witnessed the death of a star

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