If you haven't seen Parasite yet, then why are you even on this blog?  You're obviously racist or you've been in quarantine longer that the Wuhan mayor.  

Spoiler alert:  This is a blog post about a movie and what happens in a movie. A Dire Dude finds an opportunity to be the driver for some filthy rich dude. 

Then Dire Dude leverages the trust he earns with the rich guy to get his daughter a job with the wealthy family.  Before you know it, the Dire family bamboozlers all have jobs with the Korean Kardashians.  

They should have had a scene where they all played Texas Hold’em. I know exactly who would have lost. 

Bamboozlers are fun and all, but you can't win an Academy Award without a lives-forever-in-the-basement-guy, so good move on that one.  Remember when you were so desperate that you would only eat from the dollar menu, and then you realized the guy behind you is begging for a quarter.  

The reality is that the guy that needs that quarter has a friend that goes into a restaurant to eat the rice out of the salt and pepper shakers. We need to realize that there are people who check the shakers after that first guy got there. 

So that's just it--Parasite demonstrates that there's always someone more desperate than you are.   

I’ve watched a fair amount of movies in the last year. Most of them included stories about overcoming racism or sexism. 

Overcoming those things is basic evolution.  I’m confident that the next 100 years will bring us to a place without racism and sexism.  

I’m afraid the stories of haves and have-nots will last much longer than that. “Did you hear the Jetson’s just replaced Rosie with a Vanessa 5000?.”  “Well as long as Cogswell Cogs is replacing jobs like mine with robotics, we will have to continue using the Roomba.”

Watch this movie with someone you love and have a real discussion afterwards about why the characters behaved the way they did. 

Or, if you've been drinking, you could just watch The Nutty Professor and have the same discussion.

I give Parasite five slices.
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