One thing that I absolutely love is to be wrong about people. This comedian is no different. Meet Trumaine Bradley of the House of Bradley. 

Trumaine is one of the funniest comedians that I have had the pleasure of being around. His banter is what truly sets him apart from others. 

When you give him a topic and he figures out the audience, the dude is an artist. Trumaine paints a masterpiece that can only be done with a camp of laughter. 

Trumaine has a rich history of being in the entertainment industry. He was born and raised in LA.

Living in LA...he always knew he wanted to be in the business. And after using his skills of comedy, creativity, and writing, Trumaine was on the fast track to be a working screenwriter. 

He had a script green-lighted by the CW.

Then the harsh reality of the business curbed his dreams. That led him down the road to Austin, TX.

In Austin, he started his career in stand up comedy. At first it started as an act, which quickly transformed into a passion. Six years later, he has been crushing crowds and taking drink tickets.

Listen to the full interview here.

Proving Me and The World Wrong #9 with Trumaine Bradley
Brandon Lewin/Money In The Bank Productions

Trumaine and I have a history together. Not a normal one. We are not long time friends, no. 

When I first started producing comedy shows, he sent me his stand up video. After watching it for two minutes, I told him he needed to work on his craft.

And as time went on, I kept on seeing him on more and more shows. In my head I thought, “They really just put anyone on these shows.

Then as fate would have it, he ended up on a show I was co-producing with a friend. The friend, Michael Sanchez, you know him from episode #6, swore Trumaine was funny as hell and should be on our show.

I reluctantly agreed to have him on. I remember as soon as he hit the stage...Trumaine had a presence about him.

For the next 15 minutes, he had me and the 60 other people in the show dying from laughter.

As soon as Trumaine got off stage, he walked by me where I was sitting close and said, “I told you you should’ve put me on your show.”

And that was it. I lost it. Not in anger, but from laughter because he made me eat my words. 

You can watch one of his jokes from the show here. 

Trumaine was right. I should have put him on my show earlier, but I didn’t and as Trumaine explains in the interview...that the denial motivated him to do better. Boy, am I glad I could help. 

He is the real deal. There is a real drive to Trumaine. One that I don’t see in most comedians. He is just getting started and you need to pay close attention to him.

Listen to the full interview here.

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