Podcast Spotlight: And Now We Drink

Suppose you're looking for a killer podcast episode to listen to while you're cleaning the house or taking that long walk down the hiking trail or hitting the bottle of Jameson alone. 

In that case, the newest episode of And Now We Drink featuring Roger Smith doesn't disappoint. 

Smith, a working comic out in LA, delivers on this episode. His fast one-liners move at breakneck speed, which only keeps host Matt Slayer leaving topical softballs in the air for Smith to knock out of the park. 

Thanks to a well-placed joke clowning on Canadian rapper Drake, I was rolling within a minute of airtime. 

During the episode, Smith and Slayer get deep into the weeds on everyday racism, free speech, how shitty Atlantic City is, and what Smith goes through as a working comic in the Los Angeles comedy scene. 

Spoiler alert: some nights are better than others. 

I'm one of those assholes who only listens to Smart Guy podcasts about culture or politics, but this episode got me out of my comfort zone into some wild comedy, which made me wish I was drinking with them. 

Check out Smith and Slayer's conversation here: 

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