Politically Non-Binary Podcast, Ep. 001: The Cry Baby Generation with Brian Simpson

In this first episode of the Politically Non-Binary Podcast, Arielle sits down with comic Brian Simpson. 

Together he voices a series of controversial takes from documentaries made about living people, to defending his stance that some people are just better than other people, The pros and cons of weight loss and how it hurt Adele's career, and much more! 

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Timestamps for this episode:

0:00 - Intro 

5:14 - PornHub releases search results publicly 

6:38 Judgemental people have the most to hide 

7:17 Accidental cream pies 

9:45 Brian Simpson Intro 

10:40 Controversial Take #1 - Making documentaries about people that are still alive 

13:30 When Adele lost weight, people didn't like her as much 

13:45 Controversial Take #2 - Some people are better than other people 

17:40 Having a disability without the advantages 

22:30 TSA has given up on weed 

25:05 Solving little problems instead of buying twitter 

33:18 The crybaby generation 

35:10 Controversial Take #-3 There are Left Fascists and Right Fascists 

37:35 Twitter Bans - Elon on Alex Jones 

38:35 How do you know your kids are going to be super intelligent? 

39:00 sperm gets worse over time 

53:40 Controversial Take #4 - When you empower a group of people, you also empower the bad people in that group 

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