Politically Non-Binary Podcast, Ep. 002: The Vaccinations You Don't Need with Amy Shanker

In this episode of the Politically Non-Binary Podcast, Arielle sits down with comic Amy Shanker to talk about her controversial topic: We don't need COVID vaccines anymore. 

The conversation also covers people who like small talk, not trusting movie theater seats, and much more!

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - intro 

00:30 - People who like small talk are idiots 

04:20 - Cloning dogs 

06:30 - Controversial Take - We don’t need COVID vaccines anymore 

11:30 - Flu Vaccines  

12:50 - Twitter  

14:00 - Kanye learning Hebrew for evil 

21:30 - Qatar FIFA World Cup Bribes 

28:30 - Trump vs Biden 2024 

32:00 - Hamilton is a dorky child’s musical 

43:00 - The next major epidemic and Vaccines 

1:02:00 - The other Amy Shanker

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