Politically Non-Binary Podcast, Ep. 003: Freedom Of Speech with Genivive Clinton

This week, Arielle sits down with comedian Genivive Clinton to cover a range of topics revolving around Freedom of Speech. 

They cover everything from racist speech standards to Joe Rogan's consequences for using the N-word to a proposal for how we can reclaim the R-word. All this and much more! 

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Watch episode #003 of the Politically Non-Binary Podcast with Genivive Clinton here: 

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - intro 

08:00 - How do we want to behave as a culture? 

23:30 - white comedians using the N-word 

24:00 - Joe Rogan's consequences for racism 

36:00 - Trading the use of race words 

45:00 - You can't just say untrue things to sound funny

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