Politically Non-Binary Podcast, Ep. 006: Fake Freckle-Faced B*tches with Liz Splatt

Comedian Liz Splatt joins Arielle to cover something she is very passionate about: women who wear fake freckles are psychopaths.

They also discuss eating disorders, how everybody needs at least one bad vice, and more! 

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - Start 

04:30 - Liz Intro 

09:30 - everybody needs a bad vice (possible clip moment) 

13:48 - fake freckle faced women are. psychopaths 

23:00 - Men should wear makeup 

26:10 - Every woman should date a woman for at least 6 month. 

31:25 - Guys need to try more 

41:30 - would Arielle date Liz Splatt? 

46:00 - Arielle gets in a fight with a cripple cosplayer

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