The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour, Ep. #006: Grimby Fights a Monster Truck

We've got one of our favorite comedians Fuzzy Khilji in the studio and the comedy gods are smiling down on us from hell. 

Batton down the riff hatches and buckle in for the return of the most feared man in showbiz: Frogman Fuzzlern. 

This week we take time from our jobs at the oil refinery to discuss Grimby's Top 5 Date ideas, his devastating visit to the red carpet during the Kissing Booth premiere, and so much more. Stay purple, my sweets.

Watch episode #006 of The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour with Fuzzy Khilji here:

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - clip 

01:22 - Traumatizing sleepover stories 

07:20 - Grimby first dates 

11:25 - Exchanging of the gifts 

13:55 - Grimby's first communion 

16:05 - Grimby robs Ripley's Believe It or Not! 

21:19 - RRR 

25:00 - Grimby crashes the red carpet 

27:04 - Burp in the fart box 

29:46 - Grimby round the horn 

45:43 - outro

Follow the guest + hosts of the Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour:

Fuzzy Khilji:

Casey Rocket: 

Cat Swantner:
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