The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour, Ep. #009: Grimby Fights The Juggalos

The Roving Band of Free-Range Grim Warriors welcome Comedian John Hoeft to the Purple Dojo. 

Join us on a terrifying misadventure into the heart of depravity. See Grimace, take a detour during his ideal romantic getaway, and so much more. 

In BurDur We Trust.   

Watch episode #009 of The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour with John Hoeft here: 

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - Clip 

01:30 - Grimby encounters Walter White 

04:08 - The exchanging of the gifts 

09:45 - Grimby Replaces all. the presidents on Mt.Rushmore. with hamburgers 

16:00 - Grimby buys Texas 

23:40 - Reviewing best movies of the week 

38:55 - Grimby's top 5 plans for the fall season 

43:41 - Grimby Around The Horn 

51:28 - Outro

Follow the guest + hosts of the Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour:

John Hoeft:

Casey Rocket: 

Cat Swantner:
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