The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour, Ep. #011: Grimby Converts At The Alligator Rave

On this week’s episode, Grimby’s Most Loyal Disciples welcome McDern’s Historian Reier Cammerman.

We revisit our favorite movies of the week and discuss Grimby’s scandalous weekend at the alligator rave with an Olivia Colman look-alike and her 15 friends (chihuahuas). 

Watch episode #011 of The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour with Reier Cammerman here: 

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:16 - Intro 

1:30 - Grimby is on Putin's Doorstep 

11:00 - Sleeping in the McDonald's PlayPlace 

13:40 - The Brother's Grimb 

17:35 - Luchadores y Abuelas 

20:40 - Grimmace hijacked The PGA 

25:20 - Chardonnay glass of Nyquill 

47:00 - Around The Horn: Grimby Converts At The Alligator Rave

Follow the guest + hosts of the Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour:

Reier Cammerman:

Casey Rocket: 

Cat Swantner:
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