The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour, Ep. #013: A Mutiny Most Foul

It starts with a riff and ends with a tear. 

The most combative, slanderous episode in Grimby history is out of the vault and into your ear shafts. This week the Grim Monks break their vow of silence to welcome Liz Splatt into the studio.

We talk Grimby’s New Year’s resolutions, Uday Hussein, the movies of the week, and all the laughs and arson you’ve come to enjoy. 

Watch episode #013 of The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour with Liz Splatt here:

Check out the first episode of “TV Sketch Show” on YouTube January 3rd - featuring Casey Rocket, CatBird and Grimby alumni Fuzzy Khilji. 

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