The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour, Ep. #004: Bathtub Linguini

As a wise man once said (a wise man who was purple and so very rude to his loved ones) "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but linguini will never be in a bathtub," and that is the kind of wisdom we wish to impart on you in episode #4, dear listener. 

Since the dawn of mankind, Grimblern has been making chaos from the calm, creating gore from beauty, tarnishing political campaigns that were once spotless. 

We will no longer stand for this. Join us as we stand tall, taking on The Big G without fear of consequence. We can't do it without you.   

Watch episode 004 of the Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour here:

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - Clip 

00:58 - Intro 

02:37 - Adam Richman comatose after Grimace vs Food challenge 

05:21 - Grimace arrested for driving golf cart down highway 

07:48 - Casey gets the strap 

10:11 - Grimace pregnant with Pete Davidson's kid 

11:23 - Casey's little bag o tricks 

14:11 - Grimace life hacks 

17:00 - Casey's first rave 

19:27 - Grimace Terrorizes South Carolina Beach 

22:03 - Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones But Linguini Will Never Be In A Bathtub 

25:47 - Cat's mom won't let her say fart 

29:21 - Grimby Round The Horn 

42:37 - Outro

Follow the hosts of the Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour:

Casey Rocket: 

Cat Swantner:
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