The Jimmy Clifford Show #32: Pimps, Poker Rooms, and Primate Labs w/ Gina Hyena

Gina has (allegedly) been through some crazy sh*t!  

In probably the most Italian podcast ever, we get to know basically everything she's able to tell from her days of watching people break kneecaps as a pimps right hand woman (allegedly).  

She's seen it all on her way to eventually following her dreams doing comedy in Austin and New York City.  

We couldn't have asked for a better first guest to have in the new studio so go check out Gina's socials below to find where you can see her live. 

Watch episode #32 of The Jimmy Clifford Show with Gina Hyena here:

Timstamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Clip 

00:48 - Huge Announcement 

02:06 - Meet Gina 

04:20 - She's way smarter than us 

09:56 - Pimpin' Ain't Easy 

12:15 - Crime Tips With Gina 

15:26 - "It's nice to watch a guy hit other women" 

20:37 - How Gina got her name 

21:33 - Poker Rooms and Primate Labs 

25:24 - Gina used to remote control people through their spines 

30:19 - Starting Comedy 

33:09 - Jimmy went to a poker room once (the ending will not surprise you) 

37:17 - NYC vs ATX crowds 

40:32 - Why there's no good dick in Austin (except the Veterans) 

42:44 - Full House heavily influenced Gina's taste in men 

48:12 - It's too easy to be a scumbag in Austin 

55:17 - Gina's plugs 

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