The Jimmy Clifford Show #33: We're All On The Left Now! w/ Jackson Fagundes

The guys on The Jimmy Clifford Show did some good old fashioned podcasting with their friend and fellow Austin comedian, Jackson Fagundes.  

He wants his mom to know he DID NOT pay anyone for sex while in Amsterdam!  He did, however, throw up in their palace on mushrooms.  Much funnier story.  

Check out episode 33 of The Jimmy Clifford Show with Jackson Fagundes here:


You can check out Jackson's podcast and socials down below.

Timstamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Clip 00:39 - Meet Jackson 

01:41 - He DID NOT pay for sex in Amsterdam 

04:23 - He also didn't catch ping pong balls at the sex show 

09:12 - Puking in Amsterdam's Royal Palace on shrooms 

10:25 - The Naked Bike Parade 

12:27 - Nancy Pelosi's titties bring us to the left 

14:59 - Doing comedy in front of your coworkers 

19:31 - Jackson was a frat boy if you couldn't tell 

21:49 - Starting comedy in Savannah 

24:58 - Don't do Kill Tony 3 months into comedy 

28:01 - Jackson's parents are 9 to 5 GODS 

30:49 - Neighbor Murders Chicken (TikTok) 

37:06 - Drinking 12 Locos In One Sitting (TikTok) 

39:50 - He threw the guy's phone?!?! 

42:58 - Crazy magician stapled cards to his forehead

44:50 - Jackson's Plugs 

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