The Jimmy Clifford Show #35: The Return of Swiggy

The legend returns! Swiggy's back and he's just as wild and lovable as ever.

This time we discuss the differences between a*s eating and prostate exams, doing drugs at the movies, and learn about some of Swiggy's craziest dating experiences. 

Watch The Jimmy Clifford Show Episode #35 with Swiggy here: 

Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Clip 

00:50 - Swiggy 2: Electric Boogaloo 

02:03 - Swiggy's really into sl*ts 

06:21 - Swiggy had a threeway with his greatest enemy 

09:48 - How has this man not been arrested? 

12:17 - Highschool Swiggy 

15:46 - Ketamine at the movies 

21:46 - Swiggy: The Rib Tickler 

23:08 - Swiggy: The Call Center Pirate 

25:57 - Christopher Columbus fu*ked manatees 

28:09 - Utensils of Insanity 

30:38 - Going on a Swiggy Date 

34:08 - Swiggy can't nut anymore (the 5th time) 

36:37 - Swiggy's mic routine 

38:11 - Fame Equivalency test 

45:03 - Swiggy Whites 

46:34 - Swiggy's Plugs 

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