The Jimmy Clifford Show #37: Tales from the Fringe with JT Stockman

Jimmy and our friend JT Stockman (different guy from last week) spent the whole month of August putting on shows at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.  

They did 27 standup shows in 26 days and if you don't know how Jimmy's "Bombed" show works, it involves consuming large amounts of alcohol on stage, and off.  

You'll learn about all the crazy antics Jimmy & Friends got into as we recount all the Tales from the Fringe... 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - clips 

00:42 - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

05:08 - Shoey (video) 

09:51 - Jimmy's venue hated him 

12:11 - "Be better" 

16:24 - "Great but...didn't c*m" 


19:55 - "Great but...didn't c*m" 

20:35 - Barking for customers with beer pong 

22:12 - Don't be cheeky with Kevin (video) 

26:43 - Townsfolk threatened to attack Jimmy 

28:03 - Trick shot (video) 

29:11 - JT almost f**ked a family (video) 

31:30 - Getting kicked out of a bar by 6 bouncers 

34:05 - Other shows at Fringe 

36:56 - Boston man walks 25 audience members 

39:39 - JT's Plugs

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