The Jimmy Clifford Show #33: Using Our Bazookas w/ Michael Blaustein

The illustrious cohost of the Stiff Socks Podcast and comedy's biggest foot advocate, Michael Blaustein, was in town for some shows.  

We sat down and got his insights on standup, how to find what makes you funny, and what it's like doing the road for huge crowds all over the country. 

Watch episode #34 of The Jimmy Clifford Show with Michael Blaustein here: 

Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - Clip 

00:46 - Conducting Important Comedy Business 

02:11 - The Creek is a REAL comedy club 

05:27 - Choose your own adventure comedy 

08:48 - "New York is the best place to start standup" 

12:41 - Comedians shouldn't grow in comfort 

14:25 - We all can't be Doug Stanhope 

18:24 - Bazooka in my Jansport 

22:58 - Stiff Socks 

29:15 - The Road 

34:13 - Michael is a menace in first class 

38:01 - "People are hotter in the airport" 

40:34 - How to spit game on an airplane 

41:21 - Michael's Plugs 

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