The Jimmy Clifford Show #36: Prank Calling Tom Segura w/ JT Kelley

We had an absolute hoot chatting with God's Favorite Comedian and our friend, JT Kelley. 

We learned why he didn't understand evolution until he was 19, or where rocks come from, or what climate change is.  He's also covered in some whacky tattoos.  

And he prank called Tom Segura one time.  

This episode's about as all over the place as JT is and we love him for it!

Watch episode #36 of The Jimmy Clifford Show with JT Kelley here: 

Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - Clip 

00:45 - Meet JT 

03:29 - JT didn't learn about evolution til 19 

05:40 - "Top Gun smoothed my brain out" 

07:33 - Xenophobic Bible Study 

10:44 - JT's JonBenét Ramsey tattoo 

12:22 - JT's incredibly romantic proposal and wedding 

15:36 - Starting comedy at 16 

17:46 - When JT learned the moon controls the tides 

20:28 - Getting fired from a hotel for dogs 

24:14 - Getting fired for impersonating Sandra Bullock's family 

25:44 - Getting fired for calling a guy "playboy" 

28:38 - JT's love of prank calls 

31:01 - How JT prank called Tom Segura 

36:48 - JT's racist friend wrote a bio for him 

41:24 - JT's Plugs

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