The Jimmy Clifford Show #40: The Bad Boy of Austin Comedy with Tamir Bryant

"You're all trash, none of this matters, if you don't like it, get out of my way!" 

That about sums up the mentality of Austin Comedy's #1 sh*t talker, Tamir Bryant.  

Catch him on Instagram absolutely eviscerating anyone and anything that gets in the way of achieving his goals.  

It's all fun and jokes but if you step to Tamir expect to get clapped back at with full force! 

Watch Episode #040 of The Jimmy Clifford Show with Tamir Bryant here: 

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Timestamps for this episode: 

00:00 - The Bad Boy of Austin Comedy 

01:42 - Tamir's many beefs (I'm sorry Justin) 

05:31 - "A lot of ya'll n****s is trash!" 

08:38 - New Orleans is wild 

10:54 - New York compared to New Orleans 

14:41 - Jesus People and Homeless People 

17:53 - Hip-Hop is dead, pursue Comedy 

20:22 - How to build a draw in Rap 

22:59 - Comedian's are autistic, Rappers are f***ing stupid 

26:27 - There will never be a Hip-Hop Rogan 

30:21 - Kevin King is a LEGEND ( #kevinking527 ) 

43:36 - The best interviewer on the internet ( #tyebaby21 ) 

44:59 - Tamir's Plugs

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